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Introduction in brief

Introduction in detail

Contribuion in Shankar Mahadevan On line Music Academy

Worked in Shankar Mahadevan Music Academy (On line) at Bangalore, as Curriculum Coordinator and Mentor in the category of Hindustani Music.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Created modules along with curriculum.
  • Worked as Om Book Artist, to create the study material in the form of On Line Music book. This book consisted the videos along with study material.
  • Helped in creating several other courses such as Devotional songs and Music for children.
  • Helped in creating the Bollywood song modules.
  • Helped in the process of admission of students as well as teachers.
  • Given valuable advice to the teachers whenever required.

Visit to UK in Aug 2014
Given performances and conducted workshops. (click here for audio & Video)
Interviewed live on FM fever Radio channel, Leeds. (click here for audio & Video)


Educational platform in the self-study format to teach/learn Hindustani Classical music.

Main features:

  • Its subscription based course, first module is for 6 months and the rest will be 3 month. As you move on from one module to another the previous modules are free of cost.
  • The students can appear for any music exams
  • On demand virtual class can be organized by paying extra amount, one on one basis, duration is one hour.
  • Two recordings can be sent for feedback free of cost.
  • Notations are in English as well as in Hindi.

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