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The Hindu
Review on the CD raaga anurag (Part 1)

"Anagha Hindlekar's robust voice soars octaves with amazing felicity......"

The Hindu
Review on the CD raaga anurag (Part 2)

"Anagha Hindlekar's Tilang natyasangeet "Taarini Navavasana Dhaarini" is stunning. Replete with cascading phrases and gamakas, the composition is challenging. Her Pooryadhanashri is contemplative."

Book Reviews

"Dear Anagha,

Your CD on basics of indian classical music is a complete package.Those who dont have the facilities to learn proper music will be greatly benefitted.This is a ready kit for  the music students/musicians. Teaching bada khyal through CD is an achievement in itself. I congratulate you for this contribution & wish every sucess."

- Jairaj Kalsy   
Ghazal Singer  
"Dear Anagha,

On his recent trip to Bombay, my husband brought two parts of swarawali for me to brush up on my musical ability. Books and tapes are very good and useful."

- Vandana Hariani, Akron, Ohio, U.S.A.  .

"Do you have any further music book published or unpublished, based on bandish like part one and part two swarawali .I've gone through swarawali part two, I've found it to be one of the best books I've ever read. I cannot go to  music school but I know notation reading so i was wondering about that can you send me any such books concerned with advanced courses having CD (audio /video)."
"I have gone through the book Swarawali 1 & 2. I am also working as Music Teacher in English Medium School.I listened your CD alongwith the book. I recommended this book to my students."

- Prachi Behere, Karjat, Mumbai

"Dear Anagha,

I have bought your swarawali one and two with CD .  I am quite pleased with the presentation. I would have liked more if you had.

sung the bandish before you present alap and tan. However if you have done any seperate CD with your singing of any bandish please let me know."

- Mr. Rao, U.S.A   

"Dear Madam,

Refer our on the above book and CD which you have published. As I told you that I am also interested in Classical Music and       trying to get some knowledge about the music. This year I am applying for Sangeet Visharad Part - I exam through M/s. Gandharv Mahavidyalay.After reading your book and also hearing the CD I am very much impressed and also my wife too. As discussed I attached herewith our personal views about your book Please go ahead with your work in full speed on the classical music our best wishes are always there."

- B. R. Parab, Mumbai